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Saint Bill Compton Knocked Off His Pedestal

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Woot!! Hitting the Ground was a wonderful epsiode! Eric only had about 5 minutes of screen time and that is always a shame but it was Bill’s storyline that had me doing a happy dance. Finally Saint Bill is being knocked off his pedestal. And we all know what that means… the way is being paved for Eric and Sookie!!

The episode began with Sookie being attacked by Lorena and Alan Ball did a classic ass-hat thing by taking away Sookie’s first vampire kill by making Bill the hero… holding Lorena down and pointing to a stake… which Sookie then used.

Alcide and Tara come in just then and tell Sookie they need to leave NOW! Sookie of course won’t leave without Beel… so they are all put in danger to save him. They wrap him in a tarp and Sookie makes another bone head move by getting in the back of Alcide’s truck with him. She cuts her arm with a saw and gives him some blood to revive him. It works too well and Bill attacks her in a feeding frenzy, with his hand clamped over mouth to keep her from screaming. When Tara and Alcide open the truck doors they discover what Bill has done. Tara pushes Bill out of the truck to burn in the sun and they drive off. Bill does start to smoke a bit but he does not burn.. which is very mysterious. I think this is due to Sookie’s blood and this is what motivated the investigation into Sookie but that is just my guess.

We are given no indication that Eric senses Sookie is in trouble.. which dissapointed me. I wanted Eric to show up at the hospital.. where Sookie is dying… and give her his blood to heal her. But of course, Mr. afore mentioned Ass-Hat, wrote Bill in as the savior.. ONCE AGAIN!

But while Sookie was in her coma she dreams of her cousin Claudine or her mind met up with Claudine via atsral projection, I am not sure. Claudine tells Sookie that Bill is the darkness and that he wants to steal her light. Sookie argues that Bill is not like that but Claudine tells her she is WRONG.

“Bill is not like that!” Sookie says to Claudine and she replies, “I don’t have the time to explain to you why your wrong! You have to come with us Sookie! It’s not safe for you anymore!” Sookie asks, “Why?” Claudine replies, “He [Bill] will steal your light!”

When Sookie wakes from the coma, due to Bill’s healing blood, she sees Bill and immediately starts screaming. LOVED that!!

Meanwhile Eric is a busy boy. He drinks Hadley to try and get the Queen to tell him why Sookie is of interest. The Queen refuses to tell, even if it means Hadley will die but Hadley whispers something in Eric’s ear that greatly surprises him. What was it??!??!?!?!

Then he goes to save Pam, who is being tortured by the Magister. Eric arrives with Sophie Ann and King Russell and the moment when Eric goes up to Pam, who is chained to a table with silver is just precious!! All the Bill fans who say Eric cares about no one but himself can suck on this scene!

Eric: “You okay”

Aww… the hand in her hair, it makes me melt…

The preview for next week looks like the beginning of Sookie and Bill’s breaking up and Eric puts his revenge plan into action.


This episode and season are based on Book 3 in the Sookie Stackhouse series:


5 Responses to “Saint Bill Compton Knocked Off His Pedestal”
  1. I wish Eric would have came to Sookie’s rescue… but she is stuck on Bill. How do you think the whole ‘taking her light’ thing is going to play out??

    Jessica Boblooch
    I’m True Blood Crazy

  2. I loved this recap and I totally agree! That was hilarious..the Napoleon Dynomite happy dance!
    A theory on my blog suggested that Bill might even know something or have been involed in Sookie’s Death.

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